Torah Study

Together we explore the modern world through the common filter of our Jewish identity. We seek to equip our lifelong learners to face the complexity of their lives armed with Jewish knowledge, a greater appreciation of Judaism’s profound depths, and a greater understanding of how to lead an inspired life. Join lay leaders to explore and discuss the Torah verse by verse. See how each word and phrase can have meaning in your life. Torah Study meets every other month on Saturday mornings beginning at 10:30am.  See our calendar for the complete schedule.

Our next Discussion will be online only. Saturday, April 10th. Join us to discuss Sh’mini שְׁמִינִי The Eighth [Day], Leviticus 9:1-11:47 — the punishment for strange fire and a review of properly edible animals:

  • Aaron and his sons follow Moses’ instructions and offer sacrifices so that God will forgive the people. (9:1-24)
  • Two of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, offer “alien fire” to God. God punishes these two priests by killing them immediately. (10:1-3)
  • God forbids Moses, Aaron, and his surviving sons from mourning but commands the rest of the people to do so. Priests are told not to drink alcohol before entering the sacred Tabernacle and are further instructed about making sacrifices. (10:4-20)
  • Laws are given to distinguish between pure and impure animals, birds, fish, and insects. (11:1-47)

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